About Online Assessments

Franklin Covey offers a full range of assessment and measurement products and services to help individuals and organizations improve in these key areas: Personal Effectiveness, Life Balance, Leadership, Sales Performance, Team Building, and Organizational Effectiveness.

Each year, FranklinCovey processes more than 50,000 360 Profiles for individuals worldwide and provides data collection and analysis services to Fortune 1000 companies through Organizational Health Assessment, TeamWorks and other organization-enhancing survey engagements.

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360 Profiles

FranklinCovey's most popular assessment is our personal 360 Profile, an effective tool for comparing an individual's perspective with feedback from supervisors, peers, and direct reports. Individual participants consistently report that this unique process has motivated them in their personal development and helped them acquire needed skills and habits. Organizational clients tell us that individual Profilees often become powerful catalysts for transformation within their organizations.

FranklinCovey 360 Profiles include:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 360 Profiles The 4 Roles of Leadership 360 Profile

Explanation of 360 Systems

FranklinCovey 360 Profiles can be completed in an online or paper format. Though the results are the same, the process and services offered are very different. Use the following information to decide which format is right for you.

Paper Format Option

If you select the paper format, FranklinCovey will mail you a Profile Packet containing a set of numbered assessment booklets, a self-questionnaire, and a rater data form. You will need to hand out the booklets to your raters. You will then complete your self questionnaire and return it along with the rater data form via mail or fax to FranklinCovey. Your Profile Report will be created and delivered to you, most likely during a related training session.

Online Format Option

FranklinCovey's Online Assessment System allows the entire 360 Profile process to be completed via email and the Internet, while providing automatic email follow-ups and real-time status updates. When you select the online option, you will receive an email asking you to go online to designate your raters and complete your self-assessment. Your raters will receive email invitations to participate. Should one or more of your raters choose not to participate, you'll have a chance to designate replacements. As the process proceeds, you'll be able to access real-time updates and will know well before the deadline whether or not enough data is available to generate your report. The online option also handles all the necessary follow-ups for you through automatic email reminders to your raters.

Pre and Post Assessments

The What Matters Most Pre and Post Assessment is designed for individuals seeking to improve their personal efficiency and effectiveness, while creating a balance between work, family and other commitments. The Pre Assessment is taken before the What Matters Most class. The Post Assessment is then taken 21 days after the class to show improvements.

Organizational Assessments

FranklinCovey provides customized data collection and analysis services to organizations of all sizes, helping executives and managers build more effective organizations and teams. Most projects are based on one of four standard surveys developed by FranklinCovey Measurement and Assessment team:

Organizational Health Assessment
Organizational QuickCheck
Team Health Assessment

Who should use FranklinCovey survey services? Any manager or executive wanting an accurate picture of their organization or team and the tools necessary to create real, sustainable change. According to our custom survey clients, FranklinCovey survey reports have been the catalyst they needed to help take their organizations or teams to the next level.